Our hometown of Ferguson, MO was racked with riots after the shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer on August 9, 2014. We live here in Ferguson as well as run the bike shop, and like many, thought our community was free from racial tensions. But the events that unfolded after the shooting revealed that there was a deep underlying sense of frustration and anger in parts of our community.

"Ferguson" quickly became a national and international byword for racial insensitivity and police militarization. However, we are optimistic that our town's residents are paying attention, listening, and coming up with solutions to these concerns. We believe that in a few years "Ferguson" will become a byword for how a community attacks and overcomes these problems.

We are trying to do our part. A few months after the shooting we started an apprentice program to employ young black men and give them a start in the bicycle industry. You can read about the apprentice program here.

Our hope is that this program will open up opportunities for the apprentices to become leaders in the bicycle community and industry. Who knows? Someday one of these apprentices may own his own bicycle shop and become one of our competitors!

You can show your support for what we're doing and for our apprentice program with items that are labeled with a message that shows that you have Hope for Ferguson.