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Efficient Velo Tools Safe Zone Helmet Mirror
This highly rated mirror has an innovative design that dramatically increases the mirror's effectiveness. Superior design, materials, and manufacturing process put this mirror head and shoulders above the rest. - Simple. Sturdy. Supported. - Easy/secure mounting - Easily detachable - Fits most helmets - Zip Tie Mount with no adhesives! - Impact resistant components - Fully adjustable Loc-Line industrial hose elements - Huge 2.25?/57mm lazer cut acrylic mirror - Replacement parts available - 5 year no fault/hassle warranty
Topeak Bar'n Mirror
Topeak's Bar'n Mirror is a great addition to any touring or commuting bike. This clever combination places a streamlined, fully adjustable mirror into a cold-forged aluminum bar-end body. The result is additional, comfortable hand positions and the supernatural ability to know when traffic is approaching from behind.
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